written by Carlos Rodrigues (May 31, 2021)

As of today, there are four exchanges where you can buy XCASH:


0.000237 XCASH/USDT — CITEX Global(大C网)| 全球第一POW矿币交易平台
0.00000009 XCASH/ETH — CITEX Global(大C网)| 全球第一POW矿币交易平台

Cryptocurrency trading exchange, headquartered in the British Virgin Islands and founded in October 2018. You can use CITEX without mandatory KYC up to a daily withdrawal limit of 0.5 BTC.

Fees: 0,2%


Launched in September 2017, STEX is a licensed exchange located in Tallinn, Estonia. It has 3 mandatory verification types (KYC) that allow users to reduce trading fees by up to 0.1%.

Fees: 0,1–0,2%


Exchange without KYC, headquartered in Moscow and founded in February 2018.

Fees: 0.2%


Founded in January 2018 and registered in Hong Kong and Estonia, its main team members come from China, USA and Taiwan.

Fees: 0.15–0.3%


The easiest way to buy and with the lowest possible fee is to load your Binance account by SEPA deposit with FIAT, exchange it for USDT and send it by TRC20 to an address of the same chain in CITEX and proceed with the purchase in the pair XCASH/USDT .

BINANCE Withdraw
CITEX Deposit





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[PT] X-CASH Comunidade de Língua Portuguesa

[PT] X-CASH Comunidade de Língua Portuguesa

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